Summary of the 2006 EHE workshop

a) MC study
We now have seen that a simple first level filtering
will exclude the atmospheric background to search for
the GZK signals. The expected event rate has been estimated
with this filtering. Some relevant plots are available at

(b) Proposal of our "working sample" of the 9-strings data
All the events with sum of Npe greater than 10^4 passing through
the "high energy" pole filter (NDOM > 53) will be our working
sample in the high energy neutrino search verification in our proposal.
Shigeru will write a short document to be circulated in the collaboration.

(c) PDF
The photonics-based numerical approach and the analytical approach exhibits
the similar behavior except some differences 
due to the ice model (layered or bulk). The analytical approach may have
a benefit to include the continuous energy loss effect
but will continue to develop the both approach for meantime.

(d) EHE muon track reco
The Sean's wf-llh provided a starting point. The Ophelia
will include new modules (which are in fact "service" modules)
I3OpheliaWFLikelihoodFactory, I3OpheliaTrackParameterizationFactory,
I3OpheliaAnalyticPDFFactory, and I3OpheliaTrackFiter. They rely
on the David's Gulliver software

(e) DC2
The conversion of the modules for the dataclass version 2
will start after the BR collaboration meeting. Will be completed
until the end of this April. A planned manpower assignment is
juliet-interface   Kotoyo
romeo-interface    Kotoyo/Shigeru
Brutus             Shigeru
Ophelia DC         Kotoyo
Ophelia firstguess Aya
weighting-module   Aya
Portia             Aya
Anis               Aya
String Selector    Aya

The DC2-based MC is used for mass production.

(f) anis2juliet
The option to use juliet as a muon propagator with
anis as a neutrino generator has been implemented on
trunk of juliet and juliet-interface. An initial look
appears OK, but will be tested more by Aya and Shigeru.

(g) the Detector response service.
We have discussed the rule of the detector response service
in the EHE track reco. Shigeru started a close look at
the DOMsimulator to extract the info to build this module.
Will be delivered in a month.

(h) the Sake party.
The weather was on our side. Had a GREAT time!