Summary of the 2006 PSU workshop

Present: Aya, Bernhard, David, Doug, Dusan, Gary, Hiroko, Ignacio, 
Kotoyo, Sean, Spencer, Shigeru

(A) Unblinding proposal
The basic concepts in unblinding the data with Npe>1.0e4 has discused
and we have reached the same understanding. We use Npe spectrum of the actual data 
for the backgground estimate. The "toy" MC with an emprical model
of Npe spectrum to reconstruct the data will be used to extrapolate
the Npe spectrum to the "GZK signal domain". Spencer has emphasized that
there is a possibility that contributions of the direct muons
might get the Npe spectrum harder. If this is the case,
then it should affect the Npe extrapolation. Again it is so important
to study the REAL data. Nevertheless, because expected "GZK" signals
are so much harder than the background, defining its signal region
on the Npe Spectrum in conservative manner would eliminate
the airshower-related backgrounds.

Doug and Spencer pointed out that it is important to see if each of the
downgoing event has a IceTop triger or not. Because they are
"big events" at not so many rate, it is straightforward to
do this job. We will definitly do it.

(B) The Standard candle analysis.

We use the standard candle data for calibrating Npe-Energy relations.
Ignacio has told that the present uncertainty in the laser luminosity
monitor appears 10% level. Analyzing the SC data is in our to-do list
with the highest priority. We have confirmed that we are working
closely together with the Berkeley.

(C) The real data analysis framework.

The "level0" i3-formatted data including the high-mutiplicity(NDOM>53,80)
filtered events are stored in /data/exp/IceCube/filtered/level0
in the Madison disk. They are all gzipped.
The "TriggerKey" in the I3Trigger dataclass
might be able to tell us which are the high-mutiplicity data
without counting number of DOMs with hits. All the level0 data
contains raw ATWD/FADCs in "InIceRawData" DOMLaunch map, but
not the calibrated ATWD/FADCs. You have to run I3DOMcalibrator
in your offline processing.

dataio-shovel/eventviewer enables you to take a look at
thoese data.

Dusan has agreed that he is responsible for creating "level1" EHE data.
They are filterd on Npe evaluated by  Portia . 
For meantime no results by the initial guess will be contained
in these data files.

(D) Misc.
Bernhard from DESY started investigating Nu_e -> e channels in EHE regime.
It will play an important rule in 1PeV-10 PeV energy range.
We will provide him with nu_e data generated by neutrino-generator
and JULIeT filled with proper event weights.
David pointed out that the Cherenkov lateral distribution study
using IceTop-InInce data by Catherin has indicated that
the Cherenlov photon intensity strongly depends on the ice layer
structure. We should keep it in our mind -  because we use
the bulk ice table in MC study because of the memory problem.