Minutes y06m01d20

Present: Aya, David, Kotoyo, Paolo, Sean(UW-Madison)
         Hiroko, Keiichi, Shigeru (Chiba)

1 Status Report

  a. MC data analysis (Aya,Shigeru)
     Some plots and comments have been 
     Will add the TTree leaf of flags to choose the "best estimated" integrated charge.
     Next move is to process 10 times events generated this week.
     I3OpheliaFirstGuessTrack may be further improved with this new data set, 
     by, for example, introducing t10 from the FADC pulses, instead of ATWDs.

  b. MC data production status (Keiichi, Paolo)

    Start to generate 50000 events with E^(-1) soon, followed by
    10^5 events with E^{-2}. The project list for this event generation
    is available here.

    The targeted date of the MC data "mass" production is one month later from now.
    We will work on testing all the modules for the up-coming offline software
    V01-08-00 until then. The photonics version should stay with 1.4 because of 
    the table incompatibility. We stay with these versions as long as possible until
    the dataclass v2 shows up.

    Keiichi reported his struggling to set up the mass production environment
    in the university of Tokyo 's server, because their glibc is out of date.
    Considering to ship the glibc libraries themselves to the clusters.

  c. Cascade reco module (Sean)

   his web-page
   contains his recent findings about the directional cascade reco.
   Reconstruction of the directions did not appear to work very well while
   the vertex reconstruction looks in much better shape.
   Will apply the reco module to higher energy cascades.

  d. PDF (Keiichi)
   Too busy to produce new results... next time!

2. High energy verification workshop at Chiba.

   March 29 - April 4 following the JPS IceCube session (March 27th)
   Let Shigeru know when your itinerary is finalized for booking
   the local accommodation.