Minutes y07m08d16

Present: David, Sean (UW-Madison)
         Carsten(Penn State)
         Aya, Keiichi, Mina, Mio, Yuusuke, Shigeru (Chiba)

(a) IC 22 analysis - first look (Keiichi)
Just started. A couple of the level1 fiter data is available
but none of them are the EHE data. Carsten volunteers
to be responsible for the EHE level1 filter for the IC-22.

The first target is to study the fundamenthal study
on the waveform charactersitics - the baseline behavior,
the charge distribution, and so on. Plotting the NPE and
zenith angle spectrum shuold be done before the next collaboration
meeting in Gent.

(b) The IC-9 paper / Standard Candle (Aya, Shigeru)

The analysis website will be updated together
with the version 0 draft in next week by Aya.
Shigeru asked Michelangelo to produce the candle photonics
table with the new Romeo table. Will be made in early
next week according to Michelangelo.

(c)  IC 80 MC study (Shigeru, Mio, Keiichi)

The prime target is to present our EHE capability
with the full IceCube in the upcoming collaboration
meeting. Because of the unknown uncertainty
we experienced in the 9-string data, the sensitivity
is shown for the case when we see nothing beyond the cut.
The cut criteria stays with the conservative approach
in this stage - Rely only on Npe and zenith angle.

The MC data generation has been painfully slow.
The reason appears to be related to troubles in
accessing the database. Keiichi will make efforts
to fix it. It appears to need another month
to complete the generation, which is just barely on time
for the collaboration meeting.

The neutrino-induced events are being generated
in the Chiba's cluster by Mio. At present, 30 k events
with the flux weights are available for each 
of the three flavors.

(d) EHE meta project next release (David, Keiichi)

A final release of the EHE meta project based on
ice3sim V01-9-06 will be made before we shift completely
to the ice3sim V2 so that we can maintain our analysis
environment for the 9-string/80-string MC data we have
been generating. The weighting module is the last project
to be updated before the release. Will be done
by Aya and Mio in the next week.

A new release of the meta project for V2 is being
prepared by Keiichi. Porting the juliet-interface
to the relevant dataclass (especially I3MCTree) has
done, but he cannot run extensive testing because
of mysterious troubles in running ice3sim.

There were some discussions about the need of the meta-project.
We conclude that it is still necessary because we rely on
some not-so-common projects such as ophelia and brutus,
and also because having a compact set of the projects
for both simulation and analysis is convenient to us.
From this aspect, we agree that we should include the real-data tree
project Aya has developed in the new release of the meta project.

(e) Brainstorming for improving energy reconstruction (David, Sean, everybody)

Sean put results of new trial for improving the angular resolution
in the  wiki . A central issue in not just this work
but every waveform-based reco is what will be the best way
when the simulated (predicted) waveform is incorrect
due to uncertainties in the ice propaties etc, which seems
what we are facing now. Sean's approach in this anaysis is
to build the likelihood in somewhat amplitude (Npe) independent way.
Suprisingly enough, this method gives the best angular resoltion
even in the Monte Carlo world where the MC truth is always correct.

The energy estimation is going to be even harder. We do not know
what would be better than the simple method using just
total Npe. Some ideas were discussed to estimate the energy loss
per a fixed fraction of track length - Everybody is welocmed
to develope an algorithm.

(e) Other business ?

EHE workshop at Chiba is held as planned, emphasizing
on more real work than talks. Shigeru will circulate
the reminder to ehe-wg.