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Photonics tables for EHE (AHA model)

Now, the latest photonics tables of the AHA model is available

Photonics Table Setting

The photonics tables consist of two tables, namely muon and cascade tables.

There are also two different types; the bulk and layered tables. The bulk tables take into account only the uniform medium (ice), while the layered tables do also more complicated structure of actual glacier based on measurements.

So far we used the bulk tables for the simplicity, but now we are going to use the layered one (AHA model).

Since the photonics tabls are big, we will use the most coarse set.

The tables can be downloaded from the The photonics table page

An instruction for combining the two tables
(a) mkdir "AHAmodel" in your photonics table directory ($photonics_table). (In case of the grappa, the directory is /disk0/data/photonics/AHAmodel.)
(c) unpack AHA07v1ice_showers_part?.tar in the "AHAmodel" directory.
(d) cd $photonics_table
(e) ln -s listfiles_AHA07v1ice/I3Coord_I3Span_z80_a60/level1_shower.list level1_table.list
(f) ln -s listfiles_AHA07v1ice/I3Coord_I3Span_z80_a60/level2_muon.list level2_table.list

Then, you can link the tables from your $I3_WORK such as;
(g) cd $I3_WORK
(h) ln -s $photonics_table tables
(i) ln -s tables/level1_table.list level1_table.list
(j) ln -s tables/level2_table.list level2_table.list

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