Shigeru Yoshida

Last Update: Dec 14 2016

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Main Research Activities

Experimental study of the highest energy cosmic rays and neutrinos. I have participated IceCube and AGASA. I have also been working on some phenomenological calculations on propagation of cosmic rays and neutrinos interacting with the cosmic thermal backgrounds.

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Positions Held
Research Associate : University of Utah 1994
Assistant Professor : Institute for Cosmic Ray Research,  
    University of Tokyo, Japan 1995-2002
Monbu-Sho Fellow : University of Tokyo, Japan 1997
Visiting Scholar : University of Utah 1997-2000
Associate Professor : Chiba University 2002-Present
Professor and Director : International Center for Hadron Astrophysics 2013-Present

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043-290-3683 (domestic) (+81)-43-290-3683(international)
By fax
043-290-3683 (domestic) (+81)-43-290-3683(international)
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