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Trip to South Pole

What can we learn about the ultra-high energy cosmic-ray origin with IceCube?

Invited plenary talk for the TeVPA 2013 (California, June 2013).
The IceCube UHE neutrino search

Presentation for the SUSY 2006 conference, (California, June 2006).
UHE Neutrino Astronomy

Based on the Invited Talk for the RESCEU symposium "Frontier in Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology", (Tokyo, Nov 2003).
Propagation of UHE Neutrinos

Based on the Lecture for the International School on Physics and Astrophysics of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (France, June 2000).
Introduction to the Highest Energy Particle Astrophysics

Based on the Colloquim for the Physics Department of the University of Utah (October 28 1999).

Physical Review Focus

Extremely High Energy Neutrinos and Neutrino Hot Dark Matter

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